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Adjustable Gas Strut 14-28-100 Part No GS1428100ADJ

Variable force struts are delivered at maximum pressure (2500n). This can be reduced through a side valve to suit a variety of applications.

Gas Strut specific features

Variable struts are ideal for prototypes, bespoke jobs or applications where a single model of strut is used on a variety of ramps, lids or hatches that require different pressures. The variable force compression and traction struts have the release valve located on the side of the cylinder for easier adjustment when the strut is in situ.

Supplied with 2mm Allen Key, fitting and adjustment instructions

Be aware that if these struts are degassed too much we cannot be held liable for their subsequent replacement.

Variable struts are available in mild steel, manufactured in the UK and come with a one year return to base warranty (excluding degassing)